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We are a Florida based company, located in Miami Gardens. We build custom-made, heavy duty, wooden crates for companies and individuals.

Our CEO, Jader Aburto has more than 10 years experience in aviation shipping and handling. He saw the need of sturdy crates that could transport parts in a safe and cost efficient manner. J infinity Solutions was founded in 2019 with the mission of providing only excellent materials and a professional service to companies with specific shipping needs.

We are able to upgrade or modified any component of a basic crate in order to improve strenght, durability and overall performance. We only use top quality materials like premium lumber and prime quality B+ plywood. Wood used in our products is treated and certified therefore, approved for domestic, as well as international export. All our crates include a load bearing base and 4 way forklift entry points can be added upon client’s request.

To create precision engineered crates so companies can ship with confidence.

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Skilled specialists in precision crate fabrication

We take pride in our ability to collaboratively work with clients, gaining an intimate understanding of their product needs so we can build the ideal custom crate.

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Meticulously engineered from high-quality materials.

Custom-built wood crates

Secure Packaging Solutions

Efficient Logistics Management

Specialized Crate Engineering

Quality Assurance Expertise

Customizable Interior Fittings

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Custom crates secured for heavy, fragile, and valuable cargo.

We stand behind the quality of our crates with industry-leading warranties so you can ship with total confidence and peace of mind.

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Choose between inner or outer crate dimensions or unit dimensions. Please consider that we add 3 inches to Unit dimensions to ensure proper transport

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